Where do I start! I have two different wedding venues, one I own and one I manage! Randy is the best upon best and I have seen many DJs in this industry but non that compare to him! He is organized, always early, always prepared, always goes above and beyond not only for the bride but for the entire party even including me! If I'm out of town he calls to report the wedding, updates me on employees! He really is amazing! He has great taste in music, presentation, and is always so professional! Honestly you just don't get any better than Randy! If there were more than 5 stars he'd get them!

                   Kirsten Mae Reese

                   Forever and Always


Let me start by a admitting that I am a little biased here.  I have known Randy for many years and used to attend his karaoke show at Grandstands in Hendersonville.  I have been to a lot of shows in my years, but believe me there is no one out there like him.  He is so talented and makes every show entertaining.  He has a great personality and cares about people, which is very obvious when you see him.  He has DJ'd my husbands 50th birthday party and my daughters wedding and, as always, he was amazing at both.  Any time he is doing a public event, we are there !  Book the best ! He is the best MOBILE DJ OUT THERE.

  Rosalynn Simms

  Hendersonville, TN



As a long time karaoke host, going all the way back to the early 90's, I crossed paths with Randy shortly after I moved into Nashville in 2007.  I immediately liked Randy, and how he treated his guests and how he managed his karaoke shows. He is a true professional. These days, I am proud to call him a friend, and would highly recommend him to anyone that might be in need of a fantastic Wedding DJ, or if you are hosting a Graduation or Birthday party, or if you simply just want to hang out with your friends and have karaoke at your place. - 

     Paul Huber (Hubie)

     Nashville, TN



Let me start by saying, I don't ever do reviews, good or bad, but, I have do this one.  Everybody needs to know about Randy Spencer !  Though I'm a bit embarrassed about our experience with him, I have to tell my story.  My wife and I, fiance' at the time, were looking for a DJ for our wedding.  We found him through a google search for WEDDING DJs and interviewed him, along with several other DJs.  He made an immediate impression on both of us on the phone and we decided to choose him for our wedding and reception. Time goes by and life happens and six weeks before the wedding, my fiance' and I called off our engagement.  I called Randy and informed him of the cancellation.  He was very kind and cancelled the contract. Well, one week later, in an effort to shake off the blues, I called Randy back and asked him if he was still available for the same day and he said he was.  I decided to just throw a party since I had already paid a deposit.  He agreed to rebook with me.  Then, low and behold, a week later my fiance' and I reconciled and and the wedding was back on again.  I called Randy again and let him know we were back on.  He seemed genuinely happy for us. He showed up two weeks later at our wedding and MAN did he ever make it comfortable for everyone there and the whole day was amazing. Start to finish, amazing ! He is an amazing Wedding DJ !   He added touches we could not have expected and our guests are still talking about "the DJ". So glad we got married and so glad this guy was there every step of the way.  THANKS RANDY FOR EVERYTHING !

Todd and Sara Raines   

                                                                                                                     Murfreesboro, TN.                                                                                                                              



When I got engaged, my fiance' told me, not asked me, to take care of booking the entertainment for our upcoming wedding.  She said she had plenty of things to worry about, so, she delegated this to me.  I didn't really know where to look so I sent out

 a Facebook message for referrals of a good DJ or band.  I got several responses back

 for different WEDDING DJs but three different people referred me to Randy Spencer.  I got in touch with him and he took time to find  out what we were looking for and I knew pretty quickly that he was our guy.  He showed up early at the wedding and made sure everything for perfect.  He did our wedding and reception.  Though 

we heard he was great from friends, we never could have imagined how great he really was until the evening unfolded.  He was so personable and witty.  He played great music kept the night flowing beautifully.  Two of our guests at the wedding booked him that night for their weddings!  Best of all, my wife told me I did a great

 job picking out the DJ ! 

              Jason and Megan Biggs

              Springfield, TN


The company I work for has a Christmas party every year and every year was the same old thing.  Dinner, drinks and we went home early.  We always had a DJ, but not a good one.  Then everything changed when we hired Randy Spencer and now we can't get the people to leave !  We have also booked him for a couple of golf outings, which he does a great job with.  He hosts the event and helps give out the trophies as well as handle the dinner afterwards and music. of course. Randy is very entertaining and does a great job as emcee.  Since he has been doing the Christmas party, we now give out awards and he does a great job with that also.  Most of all, people want to come now and not just because they feel obligated. Every year now, we pick the day of our dinner based on Randy's schedule. We are already booked for this Christmas, five years in a row, and look forward to see what happens this year.  Thank you Randy for all you do.  See you in December !

         Brandi Wilson

         Nashville, TN


Because we have been to so many of your "SHOWS", we knew what we were getting when we asked you to do our reception.  We knew we were getting someone that would compliment and not complicate our special day.  We knew we were getting someone who understands the flow of the event, starting with the music that sets the atmosphere for the night. We knew you know how to interact with people and to get and keep them on the dance floor.  I saw people on the dance floor that I've never seen dancing before.  You were definitely the warm, caring and humorous MC/DJ we were expecting.  Weeks after the reception, we are still hearing from our family and friends that it was the best reception that had ever attended and for that, my friend, we want to say a big "THANK YOU" for helping us celebrate our big day !  One of the best decisions we made during the planning was to pick you.  You are truly a professional and excellent at what you do.  We can't thank you enough !  CHEERS !

           Jeff and Anna Gordon

           Greenbriar, TN.


This will no surely be the craziest recommendation you will ever read:-)  I have been married four times and Randy Spencer has been the DJ at every one of them.  I told him if I could find a husband that was as good at being a husband as he was at being a DJ, I would be in great shape for the future.  It's obvious he enjoy what he does, but it's just as obvious he cares about the people he works for. Randy is great at what he does, and has never judged me :-)

I hope I never have to hire Randy again to DJ a wedding for me but I assure you he will be there for any other events that may be in my future. He is an awesome WEDDING DJ, but so much more. He is hands down the best out there !

            Mary Williams

            Gallatin, TN.



There's an old saying, "you get what you pay for".  Not with NASHVILLE DJ. You get MUCH, MUCH MORE than you pay for. We booked Randy Spencer for our wedding reception and my husband and I will never forget this guy and what all he did.  To start with, we had the wrong address on the invitation for the hotel hosting it.  Sad but true.  Fortunately, the guests who live in Nashville knew where it was and showed up on time, but our out of town guests were using GPS and were lost for about an hour.  Randy kept everyone in the loop and entertained until everyone arrived.  He even got on the phone and gave directions to the few with no GPS.  The reception was incredible and the personal touches he adds are unbelievable.  After a five hour reception, and late into the night, the guy even help clean up and fold chairs.  What a bargain this guy is !  Even after we tipped him,  he just didn't charge enough for what he did.  We highly recommend Randy for you wedding !

                Sam and Brooke Wills 

                                                                               Nashville, TN                                                                                                                                  




I've been going to Randy Spencer's shows since the Courtyard Cafe days at Hickory Hollow Mall. He recently did the reception for my daughters' wedding 

and did a very professional job. He is the most entertaining DJ in TN, in my opinion,  and I highly recommend his services to all.

                                  Paul Diaz

                                  Nashville, TN



I do  karaoke like a lot of people do trivia nights. If I am on a night out, I find a place doing karaoke. Randy runs the best karaoke show that I have ever been to in any part of the country. He made me a regular at a spot that I would have maybe checked out once or twice a year when he was doing weekly shows there. His song selection is hands down the most expansive I have seen, his sound equipment and mixing is top notch, and he makes the show flow in an engaging way that really brings the room together. The best DD Service I've ever seen.I highly recommend.

                                                    Jerry Shanes, JR.  

                                                                                                      Nashville, TN.                                                                                                                                                               



Best karaoke around, hands down!! Spent just about every Friday night for 10 years with this guy!! Reputable man, loved and trusted by all. He'll take good care of ya!! #BabyGotBack

                        Christa Dennison Gilliland 

                                                                              Hendersonville, TN                                                                                                                                        


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